The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Or Sheffield Food Fest 2017

I have to admit I view festivals of any kind with mixed feelings. Be it pop, food, whatever the pros and cons are usually the same. Pros: You get to see hard to come by stuff all under one roof. Most of the people there share your passion. When it's right, it's top quality. Cons: … Continue reading The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Or Sheffield Food Fest 2017

Don’t duff up my prawn cocktail!

Martin, I Wholeheartedly agree

Another helping from Martin Dawes

prawn cocktail at Ship, Brancaster 11-09-2016 14-29-35 This is what a prawn cocktail should look like

I’M not sure which chef first took prawn cocktail out of a cocktail glass and onto a plate but he deserves to have his liver gently sautéed as punishment. You eat first with your eyes and no matter how you dress it up, once you give the glass the old heave-ho you’re left with a pink splodge.

 I still remember the giant prawn cocktails served up some years ago at the Yorkshire Bridge Inn at Ladybower. They were famous for it. Later it was reborn as the hipsterish crayfish with avocado.

 Restaurant kitchens are constantly reinventing. I’m all for that. It’s when a chef offers a ‘deconstructed dish’ of a classic that I reach for my coat. Some dishes you just don’t mess with and this is one.

 Now a slight smirk might be starting to form…

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Around the World in 80 Minutes with a Local Legend

How and with whom, I hopefully hear you cry? Well read on and I fervently hope you won't be disappointed. I've not been writing this blog very long and I'm still very much learning and grateful of any bit of journalistic advice that I can beg, steal, borrow or, even better, be offered. You can … Continue reading Around the World in 80 Minutes with a Local Legend

Pigging out with Smithy

Martin Dawes on a the sprog of a Sheffield institution among food lovers. Apparently alive and well

Another helping from Martin Dawes

P1060166 pork belly at Thyme Cafe 06-05-2017 14-44-57 Pork belly at Thyme Cafe

I RECALL a few years ago that chef Richard Smith got a bit of a kicking from some London critic who had been to review his then flagship (now deceased) restaurant, Thyme, in Crosspool. There were the usual clichés – yawn – about being Northern, the Full Monty, Sheffield steel and, the killer punch, Sheffield Portions.

 The point being that the food being served up was not London portions, dainty little bits of food which left you hungry, but plates which left you feeling stuffed. Well, you don’t have to eat it all, advice my wife and I should have taken after a bit of a blowout at Thyme once when we had eaten so much we had to find a friendly wall to hold us up when we left and before we found the car.

 Smithy was a bit perplexed by the…

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