I Scream, You Scream, Everybody Ice Cream

I’ve just paid an all too rare visit to the pictures. I don’t go much these days as I get no pleasure out of someone arriving 10 minutes after the film starts clutching so much food and drink they’re bound to drop some (they do….invariably on me). Then plonking themselves down, again always it seems, by me then proceeding to spend the next hour munching popcorn, rattling bags and slurping round the bottom of their coke cup with a straw to get the last molecule of sugared muck into their already bulging, burping stomach. After all that activity what else would any normal person do but spend the remainder of the film watching a video on their phone.
However, what it did remind me of was the good old days when we got TWO, yes two, films for the entrance money and there was a proper interval in between films when they came round selling ice cream and the like out of a huge tray slung round their necks that must have been so heavy that spondylosis of the cervical vertebrae must have been an occupational certainty.

But the ice cream. I’m not a huge lover of it but it’ll come as no surprise to learn I like it traditional. It used to be either Walls or Lyons Maid, and the choice was limited. Tubs, Orange Maids and Choc Ices from the usherette (is that still a word?) and also from the guys who used to walk the beaches at the seaside before we all naffed off to Spain and the like.

Choc ices were pretty uncool and the grown ups ate them. I always envied my uncle who had a full set of falsies (teeth that is😉) and could bite right through a Choc Ice pain free. The Orange Maids were really just orange juice on a stick, probalbly not exciting enough for todays kids and tubs were just, well tubs.

Things got interesting if you went to the places with freezers however. Lost gems like Zooms (a rocket lolly with multi flavoured “stages”), they were advertised on telly by Steve Zodiac from Fireball XL5 and Draculas which were a lolly with a blood red jelly centre.


Now I’m reading this I’m not sure why I started it. Memories I suppose. Anyway after that we went to Piccolinos for an awesome steak but that’s another post 😁



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