Call that a BBQ?…..Nah, THIS!!! is a BBQ

When I first started to enjoy Indian food, back when Methuselah was a lad it seems now, I was a post beer, Saturday night curry house visitor (I won’t say where for reasons that’ll become obvious in a bit) and my weapon of choice was usually a Tandoori Mixed Grill, that staple beloved of the old fashioned Indian restaurants in the 80s.

A seekh kebab, big king prawn, a few bits of chicken and lamb tikka and a chicken leg with some salad and rice and I was happy. I always ended up taking the chicken leg home in one of those foil lined bags and I used to eat it the following morning, and do you know, without fail, I used to think to myself “they must use some funny shaped chickens there”. It wasn’t until many years later when I got a cat and looked at her laid out along the back of the settee with her legs stretched out that I began to wonder…it couldn’t be could it? Surely not? Come to think of it, I never saw many cats in that area. To this day I still wonder………..


Anyway, what brought me to thinking about those bygone days (just the mixed grill bit not the cats) was a Sunday night revisit to the Mirpuri Tawa and the new addition to their excellent menu, a mixed grill tawa.

I have to say it’s a mighty beast. There were 5 of us and we all decided to eat it so it came out on two huge tawas, big flat wok like pans to you and me, one for 3 and one for 2 people.


I love fried onions, Lemmy not so much when I  get to bed later as they have an unfortunate, windy sulphurous effect on me. There’s a field of the things here and they were gorgeous. On top of them was a mountain of meat. We had: spiced tender lamb chops, seekh kebabs, and various chicken pieces. Lots of tomatoes and lemon pieces completed the platter. To go with it there was a choice of either bread or rice and we had a bit of both. Fluffy rich naan breads and some fantastic rice. Somewhere akin to a biryani, it was subtly spiced and had pieces of chicken embedded in it, (as if we needed any more) it was beautiful and I was gutted I couldn’t eat it all but the meat came first. A jug of their own tasty mango lassi washed it down

At £11.90 a head it might look a bit pricey but, believe me, you won’t need a starter so that balances it up a bit. If you’re a BBQ’d meat lover give it a go.



Tel: 0114 258 0805


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